Partner Entities

Our vision

As VIABLE, we aspire to become a universal movement that demonstrates what Latin America has to offer regarding current and future challenges, connecting the human and institutional potential of the region with the concrete needs of the world.

Our mission

We seek innovation, to improve productivity and entrepreneurship, stimulating institutional collaboration and citizen participation. We aim for a higher quality of life and opportunities for all, through smarter, more humane and efficient cities. We make ourselves available to society and its representatives to solve in a conscious, coordinated and collaborative manner the challenges of mobility on their different scales: local, national and continental.

Our specialties

Our abilities are used in synergy to improve the ecosystem, innovation processes and support for entrepreneurship. We developed various projects such as studies, consulting, coaching, workshops, group activities, public and/or private events and citizen participation, amongst others.

Our abilities

  1. Activate & Boost the Mobility Ecosystem
  2. Plan & Execute Innovation Processes
  3. Support Entrepreneurship
  4. Articulate the Innovation Community
  5. Rise Latin-American Talent 
  6. Provide Technical Assistance

Our values are: